Webinar Recording: Enabling responsive early childhood strategies: the Primokiz Approach for Local Governments

The Primokiz approach has proved to be a successful vehicle for building a sustainable infrastructure of cross-sector capacity at the local level, backed-up by political support and funding able to shape and implement early childhood strategies and plans rooted in the needs of the communities. Using the approach, new services have been created or expanded to meet the needs of children and families that previously were unknown. 

During a webinar hosted by the International Step by Step Association (ISSA), campaign member Step by Step Center and ISSA Member Education Research Institute, implementers from Romania and Slovenia shared the process that has brought early childhood onto local agendas, built expertise and capacity to learn and analyze local needs, to make informed and responsive decisions, and how they laid the foundations for an empowered local leadership that understands that early childhood development and early years provision require a cross-sector mindset.

Webinar recording:

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