Updates from Spain

28 May 2021

National Coordinator Plataforma de Infancia shares some Early Childhood related updates from Spain with us

In January 2022, the LOMLOE (Spanish Education Law) will enter into force. It’s an eight-year plan for the extension of early childhood education in order to move towards a sufficient and affordable public offer with equity and quality and to guarantee its educational nature.

On 20 May, the first law in Spain to defend children from violence was approved. This law not only protects children from 0-3 but all children in general.

Plataforma is carrying out advocacy actions with policy makers and had meetings with the General Director for Children’s and Adolescents’ Rights – Gabriel González-Bueno, Secretary of State for Education – Alejandro Tiana and Deputy Director General for Territorial Cooperation and Educational Innovation – Purificación Llaquet, among others.

Plataforma de Infancia has drafted an advocacy document for the Spanish government to provide input on early childhood education for 0-3 year olds. This document highlights the importance of the universalisation of education in the 0-3 stage, prioritizing those children who are at risk of social exclusion.

Plataforma has released 3 resources on education, the impact of covid-19 and child-centered recovery plans, available (in Spanish) below:

NEXT EDUCATION PROPOSALS: educational equity in the recovery plan
Recommendations for child-centered reconstruction
Children’s proposals for the 14th legislature. 2021: Children at the center of recovery

At the national level, Plataforma continues to work with the different national associations participating in this project, providing information on 4 priorities:

• Child protection system & child poverty,
• Early learning,
• Early intervention ,
• Public policies to promote a work life balance.   

These associations specialise in child rights with a focus on migrant children, children with disabilities, early childhood care. You can see their list below:

Next: The Spanish country profile will soon be available on the campaign website.