Spain focuses on financial plans and legal changes to support Ukrainian refugees

13 April 2022

Plataforma de Infancia is concerned about the impact of the war in Ukraine on children, especially with many migrant refugee children from the Ukrainian population already in the country. There is a large Ukrainian population in Spain, so the organisation has created a space on its website to spread information about the situation on the ground, connect partners and members, and help Ukrainians in Spain. They are also working to help the Spanish population understand what they can do to help and what not to do. 

Since the organisation has experience analysing public policies that affect migrant children, they know that Spain has structural shortcomings when dealing with unaccompanied migrant children at the southern border. There are also weaknesses in their protection system when there is a sudden influx of migrant arrivals.

Children are less equipped to process traumatic experiences than adults, so it is essential in times of crisis to protect children’s mental health and help them deal with the trauma that they may experience either now or in the future.  

“We believe it is important to see children as children before any other status, be it refugee, migrant, or any other label. Rights are the same for all children, and every child should be of concern. No child should be undervalued.” – Claudia Ponce de León Rodríguez, Plataforma de Infancia, Spain.

Plataforma de Infancia has had meetings with the High Commissioner against Child Poverty and the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 to ensure that the First Years First Priority Campaign remains on the national agenda. They want to ensure that all children and families at risk of poverty have access to economic assistance. This is an excellent opportunity to work with the government and highlight the issue of children’s rights to ensure that all children, regardless of origin, have access to early childhood development services. 

In line with this aim, the organization focused on addressing various economic plans to ensure they have a child rights approach. Additionally, they are looking at the legal changes needed to facilitate the reception of families of Ukrainian children into the reception and protection system in an agile and fast way.