Proposal for a European Child Guarantee: what does it mean for early childhood development?

This is our analysis of the proposal for a European Child Guarantee. Read what the First Years First Priority campaign is calling for.

The First Years First Priority campaign is calling for:

  • EU Member States to adopt an ambitious and comprehensive Council Recommendation for a Child Guarantee that includes access to quality essential services for children from their earliest years, and their families.
  • EU Member States to develop integrated, holistic and inclusive national Child Guarantee action plans, with increased resources (from national budgets and EU funding) that include increased support and investment in early childhood development, especially for the age group from birth to 3 years of age. This must include targeted measures with a focus on vulnerable children, such as Roma and Traveller children, children with disabilities, migrant and refugee children, children at risk of entering, or in, alternative care, and those living in extreme poverty.
  • EU Member States to ensure that families, caregivers, civil society organisations and children themselves have equal opportunities to participate meaningfully in the development of national Child Guarantee action plans and their implementation. Specific attention must be paid to children from vulnerable groups who have fewer opportunities to participate in policy and decision making.
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