Lessons Learned and Recommendations from the First Years, First Priority European campaign

The Power of Networks to Influence European Policies and Public Investment for Early Childhood Development.

Throughout the campaign, we have witnessed remarkable progress and substantial achievements. We have seen an increase in awareness and prioritization of ECD in the political agendas of various countries and of the EU. The campaign’s success is a testament to the power of collective effort and of the importance of having an enabling environment for advocacy at both national and European levels. It highlights the significant role that public bodies, civil society organisations, and experts can play in creating an ecosystem that supports young children and their families, especially those in vulnerable situations.

The lessons learned from this campaign are numerous and impactful. The importance of coalition-building, the benefits of cross-sector collaboration, and the necessity of a comprehensive approach to ECD are just a few of the critical takeaways. Our work has underscored that achieving meaningful change requires sound data and evidence, persistent advocacy, strategic partnerships, and an unwavering commitment to the rights and well-being of young children.

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