Position paper on the European Care Strategy

The First Years First Priority campaign welcomes the announcement by the European Commission to develop a European Care Strategy , and the commitment by the Council of the European Union to ‘promote active and healthy ageing, as well as the accessibility, affordability and quality of childcare and long-term care, including through enhancing support for formal and informal carers.’ We support calls from civil society actors for a ‘life-course’ and continuum of care approach, which considers care needs from infancy and throughout people’s lives.

Access to quality care is part of a strong ‘social Europe’ as envisaged in the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan. While the delivery of care is a national competence of Member States, and national models differ, there are commonalities. An EU-wide vision of care could improve access and quality, ensure that the needs of children, families and communities are met, and that the dignity and rights of carers and those being cared for are upheld.

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