Case study Slovenia 2020

Empowering Roma families through child development programmes

The programme Empowering Roma families to support child development was implemented in three municipalities in Slovenia. It aimed to incentivise child development in the home environment, strengthen parental roles, and improve parents’ involvement in their children’s upbringing. It was implemented by kindergarten teachers, in collaboration with Roma assistants and associates, involving kindergarten professionals as well as Roma children and their parents. The Programmes were part of the ‘Increase in Social and Cultural Capital in Areas with a Roma Population Project’ which aimed to create conditions that allow members of the Roma community to escape the vicious circle of social exclusion through adequate investments in social and cultural capital in their environments.

This material is part of a compilation of various case studies from across Europe that show different facets of early childhood development, and the types of policies and interventions that we are promoting through the ‘First Years, First Priority’ campaign. Published in December 2020.

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