Case study Netherlands 2020

The strength of Parenting Support Preventing severe problems through the Triple P
Positive Parenting Program

A strong welfare state, the Netherlands prides itself on having a healthcare system that provides accessible, affordable and good quality care. Led by the motto “The Netherlands healthy and well”, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport aims to

1) keep everyone healthy as long as possible,
2) restore the sick to health as quickly as possible,
3) seek to support people with a physical or mental limitation and
4) promote social participation.

However, like in many EU countries, significant health inequalities remain. There is a six-year gap in life expectancy between people with low and high educational attainment, and poorer health outcomes for immigrants from outside the EU. Currently, “mental disorders represent both the greatest burden of disease and one of the only groups of conditions with rising mortality rates in recent decades”. In terms of youth healthcare services, the Netherlands has followed the example of several countries such as England, Germany, Belgium and Finland, in creating centres for the integrated delivery of services for parents and children often labelled as Parent and Child Centres (PCCs).

This material is part of a compilation of various case studies from across Europe that show different facets of early childhood development, and the types of policies and interventions that we are promoting through the ‘First Years, First Priority’ campaign. Published in December 2020.

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