Case study Bulgaria 2020

Breaking Down Barriers to Quality- ECEC for Roma Children in Sofia

Despite positive national policy developments, ECEC services in Sofia tend to be low quality. Roma children are particularly disadvantaged. The EOIA (Equal Opportunities Initiative Association) works to facilitate access to education for the Roma community. They offer legal aid and education, and they create and maintain profiles in the national electronic registration system to enable children access kindergarten and compulsory pre-school education. Almost 5,000 profiles have been created since 2010. EOIA also provides shared resources including toys and books, as well as parenting classes on health and nutrition.

This material is part of a compilation of various case studies from across Europe that show different facets of early childhood development, and the types of policies and interventions that we are promoting through the ‘First Years, First Priority’ campaign. Published in December 2020.

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