New Council Recommendation on Pathways to School Success

In November 2022, Member States adopted a Council Recommendation on Pathways to School Success, aimed at promoting better educational outcomes and reducing early school leaving. It includes a holistic view of school success, looking at both educational achievement and wellbeing at school. The Council Recommendation proposes a new Framework for Action for a systemic approach to improving success at school.

In our submission to the consultation on this initiative, we highlighted the need for more investment in public policies that support young children and their families, especially those experiencing poverty and exclusion from their earliest years. In the new Council Recommendation, governments are asked to develop or strengthen an integrated and comprehensive strategy to support success and wellbeing at school. The Recommendation does not explicitly refer to the need for more investment in children’s early years or for an integrated approach to early childhood development.

However, it re-affirms the importance of ensuring improved access to quality ECEC for all children, recognising its contribution to children’s healthy development and educational success, and its role in reducing inequalities and addressing educational gaps. It also asks Member States to pay specific attention to children facing disadvantage and to adopt an intersectional approach and appropriate measures for those at risk, including children from refugee, migrant and Roma communities, children with disabilities and with special educational needs. 

Further information:

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