French coalition launches report on early childhood with recommendations for the French Government

22 October 2021

On 18 October, our national coordinator Ensemble Pour l’Education de la Petite Enfance and a coalition of civil society organisations, launched a report with recommendations aimed at tackling poverty, inequalities and social exclusion in early childhood, and putting young children and their families at the heart of society in France.  

The ‘Petite Enfance’ coalition brings together 12 organisations representing almost 3,000 local associations. It aims to ensure that all children, whatever their circumstances, can blossom and fulfill their potential, in a stable and secure environment, from their earliest years. 

The report highlights the role of the Child Guarantee and the forthcoming French Presidency of the European Union as key opportunities for France to ensure that early childhood development is a public policy priority.

Key findings:

  • Difficult policies implementations on regional level
  • Lack of visibility and data on very young children and their families
  • Insufficient monitoring and evaluation of public policies related to early childhood
  • National strategies too often in silos

The coalition is advocating for an ambitious, comprehensive and integrated national plan to support children’s development and wellbeing in their first 1,000 days. The national action plan should be a clear roadmap for the implementation of the European Child Guarantee in France up to 2030, and should be developed with the participation of civil society.