Current crises highlight the importance of supporting young children and families in Finland

13 April 2022

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, around 16 000 Ukrainian citizens have arrived in Finland (An estimation as of 6 April 2022). No precise figures are available as Ukrainians are not required to file any paperwork for three months after arriving in Finland. Finland is expecting between 40.000 and 80.000 refugees to arrive from Ukraine. 

So far, many of those who have fled Ukraine to Finland are staying in private accommodation. All incoming Ukrainian children will have the right to participate in basic education. The children of working or studying parents will also be able to apply for early childhood education and care. 

“We want to increase political visibility of the early childhood development and improve understanding around the importance of early childhood for the future of children among decision-makers”. – Kaisu Muuronen, Central Union for Child Welfare, Finland.

Central Union for Child Welfare believes that the crisis is not likely to harm their advocacy and work in the long term. In contrast, they stress that the recent crises, such as Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine, have highlighted how important it is to support families with young children and give them all the help and support they need. While these situations hit some people harder than others, they nevertheless impact everyone.