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First Years First Priority is a Europe-wide campaign set up to advocate for prioritization of early childhood development in public policies, with a particular focus on families and children who are at greater risk of discrimination and exclusion.  

We aim to ensure that all young children aged 0 to 6 have equal opportunities to safe, healthy and optimal development.

Join our community of followers and supporters to advocate for more political visibility and resource allocation to early childhood.

Across Europe

Early Childhood Development in the countries where the campaign operates. Learn more



Nine Country Profiles highlight the need for greater attention to Early Childhood Development across Europe



Tackling disadvantage in early childhood: key findings and challenges

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Tackling poverty and social exclusion in Europe: the imperative to start from early childhood


Eurochild and the International Step By Step Association co-lead this Europe-wide campaign. The European Public Health Alliance and Roma Education Fund are associate partners.

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